There is one thing that does not change over time nor over generations: the attitude of a child.
When was the last time you forgot shame? When did you act without being shy? When was the last time you didn't care about getting your hands dirty?

Go back to being the little kid you were. Get your spontaneity back, smile, play, talk, dance...

And get your hands dirty. Enjoy Tango Fruit.


When our fans eat our Tango/Tangold variety of fruit, they know that they are enjoying a fruit that, because of the variety it comes from, helps to keep the planet healthy.

Bees are fundamental for life on the planet, and besides the wind, other animals and other factors are the main agent responsible for cross-pollination between flowers, trees, and other flora in the field, cross-pollination is a highly necessary activity, for obtaining fruits and vegetables from our planet.

Our Tango mandarins come from the Tango/Tangold, which is a variety which, as it is sterile in cross pollination, produces hardly any seeds in its interior and in other varieties, so the use of meshes or other treatments against bees is not necessary to guarantee the best Tango seedless. This is why the variety can coexist in nature with bees and, unlike other varieties, we love that they are around our trees pollinating, which is necessary for other species and the planet. Maybe that’s why they’re so sweet!

At Tango, we are convinced of the need to take care of the planet, that is why we are starting to develop a project for the farmers who produce our Tango/Tangold variety, which will consist of a series of recommendations and protocols for cultivating our variety, in order to favour the reduction of actions that have an impact on bees.

Of course, our farmers use meshes against the wind or for other reasons, for example they use them sometimes or for phytosanitary treatments. They are always used following what regulations are in force in each country of origin.

The choice of the Tango / Tang Gold variety is a declaration of the brand, Tango Fruit’s, intent to help minimise or make measures against our beloved bees unnecessary, BEE BETTER BEE FRIENDLY.

Welcome to our Bee friendly variety


A small fruit with great qualities


TAll our tangerines are seedless. This way you can enjoy its great taste without interruption.

Easy to peel.

Tango tangerines are easy to peel, so easy that even a child can do it with their own fingers.


The taste of our tangerines is unique. Maturing on the trees means that they are able to take the best from the soil and the sun, for a sweet and intense taste.


Variety Guarantee

We guarantee that the source and origin of the fruit is from licensed products of the protected Tango/Tang Gold and Gold Nugget varieties.

This same system is based on field audits, labeling controls and point-of-sale verification through molecular markers.

The elements that guarantee the origin of the fruit when it is marketed, are the variety certification label and the export license granted to the exporting company (southern hemisphere countries).

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